Frostbite Cosplay

Props & Cosplay Group

Frostbite Cosplay is a professional costume and prop fabrication studio based in Dallas. Beginning their cosplay career in 2014, the sibling team of Aspen, Briston, and Bryce Eden rapidly became known for their larger-than-life builds. Frostbite Cosplay’s big break came with the inception of the Overwatch League when they were hired by the Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws to create promotional characters for live events. Since then, they have become known within the gaming and esports industries as speciality fabricators creating everything from large scale characters, to custom tee shirt cannons, and everything in between. In addition to corporate commissions Frostbite Cosplay are regular guests and panelists within the Texas convention circuit. As events slowed to a halt in 2020 they felt the need to share in the positivity and creativity that can only found within the cosplay community. Speaking with like-minded friends lead to the eventual creation of the Ultimate Online Cosplay Championship, of which they are founding members.