JD Props


Johnny Dominguez is a prop maker from South Central Texas. He began model making when he was 12-years-old, mostly building model kits of military planes during his teens through his twenties. He is a huge Star Wars fan and a majority of his props and cosplays are from the Star Wars Universe. His projects began small, usually making guns used by characters in the movies and shows, but more recently have grown to a much larger scale, such as his 12-foot AT-ST walker. All props are made from scratch, with most being crafted from molds then vacuum formed in his shop. The AT-ST was built with a challenge in mind—make something big that no one else around has. With the help of Johnny’s friend, Jesse Palomo, and Jesse’s uncle, the idea became a reality with the construction of a steel leg frame. After that, the project took off, with pieces being crafted mainly out of plywood and vacuum-formed styrene plastic. In total, it took 500 hours over a period of four and a half months to finish. In 2019, after the completion of the walker and creation of JD Props and Cosplay, Johnny began taking his AT-ST and other large props to Texas conventions to display them. He is also a cosplayer himself, dressing up either as a Biker Scout or a Snowtrooper, though he usually leaves the cosplaying to his daughter Marina, who also aids in the promoting of his artistry and joins him on his prop-making adventures.