Miss Torii


It’s been a little over 5 years since Miss Torii first took her love of comic books and transformed herself into a living superhero. The love of Captain America drove her to genderbend that character using her skills at sewing, and a general eye, with a comic bend. Since then, she’s built a strong fan base using her abilities to create her costumes and her personal charisma to win over fellow geeks. She continues to tap into her love of comic books and cosplay by guesting at events and supporting local businesses and friends. With no plans to stop, she continues to be an ambassador for all thinks geek chic. She never could imagine how her love for dressing up as her favorite characters as a child would have reached as many people who have become such great fans and friends. Seeing how many people she has inspired, influenced, and encouraged into cosplay has given her such an amazing feeling. Cosplay will always have a big place in her heart, and she can’t wait for further opportunities to be able to share her art, talent, and creative skills in future events.